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About Athenian Village Apartments

There is a lot to be said about our apartment rental services. When you are traveling it’s essential that you have a place to stay. Many people travel to another cities, states or even across the sea for one reason or another. People have been since the prehistory times when the first human first walked the earth so it’s only natural to move from one place to another. Some people are moving permanently whereas others undertake short term travelings visiting friends, relatives or attending business conferences, festivals, etc. Of course, everyone wants to sleep in a warm and comfortable bed in a good condition. Athenian Village Apartments will give you all of this to have a good rest and feel full of energy for the new day and to be able to do your job properly. Staying at some of our apartments you’ll get a warm greeting with a smile, full service and everything a traveler would need for a proper relax.

Apartment rentals for everyoneOur professional and friendly staff will be at your service whenever you need them. Once you rent an apartment you can do your job with a clear head and an inner relief that your belongings are safe and well protected. We can also advise you which is the fastest and most reliable transport to get to the place you need to go. We even provide parking place in case you are traveling by car. Leaving it at our hotel parking, you can sleep easily knowing that nothing bad will happen to your car.

Our apartment rentals agency in Anchorage AK offers different kinds of apartments to suit our clients’ different needs. They are furnished, with one or two bedrooms and bathrooms, with a spectacular view, washer/drier facilities, with warmed garages, etc. By the way, they all have central heating and can provide comfort even in the harshest winter. Whatever the reason for your arrival in Anchorage AK is, we guarantee that you will be pleased with your short or long stay here. We will personally take care that it is so, by providing accommodation that will meet and exceed your expectations. Planning a trip to Anchorage? Call Athenian Village apartments today at (907) 346-1127 and take advantage of our superb services.