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Whether you are a businessman or an enterpreneur, or you simply enjoy backpacking travelling, it is crucial that you Extended stay apartment within Anchorage AKwould need a place to stay and rest your body and feet. Coming to Athenian Village Apartments all travellers will surely enjoy the best time of their lives and relax after a busy day in a cosy and warm atmosphere in one of our rental apartments. Our friendly and professional staff will be there for you at any time. As soon as you rent an apartment or a lodge you can get on with your job with a clear head a peace of mind knowing that your luggage is safe with us and no one is going to touch it. In case you need to go to a certain place we will let you know which is the most reliable and fast transport to get there. At Athenian Village Apartments we provide parking places for anyone who is traveling by car.

If you are coming to Anchorage, AK you can book an extended stay hotel. All of our apartments are located in a friendly environment with fresh air surroundings and are fully equipped with everything needed to express the cosy and peaceful atmosphere each and every traveller is after. Our hotels and apartment buildings are fully furnished with a lovely decorations and custom furniture designs. So make sure to call us to book one of our hotels or apartments immediately on (907) 346-1127.