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A short list of top 15 apartment buildings which are taller than other memorable constructions in the area

The town of Anchorage, AK, is populated by 295,570 citizens, according to the census in 2011. This makes it Alaska’s most populous city, as it constitutes more than 40% of the state’s total population. Knowing these facts, it comes as no surprise that the area is a major tourist destination for families and individuals who want to enjoy the beauty of Northern America. This is why besides booking a room in a hotel during your stay, you can take advantage of the option to rent a flat in a nice apartment building.

If, however, you enjoy architecture and would like to visit some spectacular buildings in order to observe them but not to rent a flat there, you can check out the list of the city’s 15 tallest buildings, ordered by the number of floors they have, which Athenian Village Apartments has prepared for you!
1. Conoco-Phillips Building (22 stories)
2. Hilton Anchorage East Tower (The tallest hotel building in Alaska – 21  stories)
3. Anchorage Marriott (21 stories)
4. Robert B. Atwood Building ( It is a 20 story block which houses the government offices)
5. Hotel Captain Cook Tower III (18 stories)
6. Sheraton Anchorage Hotel (16 stories )
7. Hilton Anchorage West Tower (15 stories )
8. 188 Northern Lights (15 stories )
9. Hotel Captain Cook Tower II (15 stories )
10. Inlet Tower (This one is currently a 14 story hotel, so you can actually stay in there)
11. JL Tower (14 stories )
12. Frontier Building (14 stories )
13. Westmark Anchorage Hotel (14 stories)
14. McKinley Tower (14 stories )
15. Exploration Building (13 stories )

If you want to enjoy the subarctic climate of the place, you can visit us during the frost free season and enjoy the city views. If you need to book a flat in an apartment building in order to provide accommodation for your family and yourself, you can contact our company and get immediate assistance. We will make sure to find you the best deals and the most spectacular views in town in order to provide you with an unforgettable experience you will someday want to repeat.