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Extended Stay Apartments

If you intend to stay in Anchorage AK for a longer period of time, you will find our extended stay apartments and extended stay apartment service useful. There are many reasons why you would want to stay in our city. Apart from the tourism and the beautiful surroundings, Anchorage has a lot else with which to attract people. The Anchorage oil and gas industry provides more than 22% of the national oil reserves. In the city, there is a constant military presence. The military personnel and their families constitute 10% of the city’s population and give the local economy a boost. You might also find employment in the transportation industry. The Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport (ANC) flies more than 560 cargo flights weekly. The airport’s economic impact is felt as far as the North Pole, There the jet fuel is refined and transported back by Alaska Railroad. In the port of Anchorage arrive more than 90% of the goods for the entire Alaska.

Our extended stay apartments suites are equipped with all the amenities that are necessary to Extended stay hotel in Anchorage AKcreate a home away from home for those who will stay in our city for months or even more. Our Anchorage AK apartment buildings are fully furnished and beautifully decorated, have kitchens, free cable and wi-fi. The apartments  come with all the usual services to offer and are a more luxurious option than the rest, while the apartments are more economical. However, both of them will save you more money than the stay at an ordinary hotel. With our low rates, making economies becomes even easier.

We encourage you to take full advantages of our services, while you are at Anchorage AK. It does not matter to us whether you need to rent a short-term or extended stay apartment. Our apartment buildings are well-equipped and well prepared to accommodate your needs. Other than the above mentioned amenities our buildings have gyms, garages, laundry facilities, elevators, children play areas, hot water and cooking gas, health clubs and daycare centers. Our staff is always at your disposal for more information and assistance.