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Short term apartments

Athenian Village Apartments provides short term apartments rentals to tourists and business travelers in Anchorage AK. The tourism and convention industry, together with the many businesses that serve the industry, are a major stimulator of the economy in Anchorage. Due to its central location, the city acts as a gateway to Alaska through through which all tourists, conventioneers and other visitors must pass. Alaska’s tourism is responsible for more than 30, 000 statewide jobs and an estimated annual revenue of $80 million in Anchorage alone. There is a growing market for conventions and trade shows in the city.

 Short term apartments rentals are a nice alternative to a hotel stay. An apartment can accommodate more visitors than a hotel room and is sShort term apartment in Anchorage AKignificantly cheaper. Athenian Village Apartments offers Anchorage AK suites that are comfortable, spacious and warm. They come in various sizes; they are furnished and have all the necessary facilities – kitchen and washer/dryer. We have different amenities available; we have abodes which allow little children, pets and smokers. We won’t charge you an additional fee for the cleaning after you leave. However, if you wish, we can provide you with maid service, which is not included in the price. The maid service consists of daily vacuum and bathroom cleaning, changing of bedding and towels. We also have bed and breakfast packages for those who opt for this service. Some of our apartments are hosted. The hosts are friendly, open and ready to share tips and ideas with you. However, if you value your privacy, we will respect that. We want to make your stay in Anchorage as pleasant as possible.

Cosy short term apartment in Anchorage AKWhile at Anchorage AK, Athenian Village Apartments recommends that you visit some of our festivals, take part in sports activities such as skiing, snowmobiling, snowboarding, skating, ice-hockey, hiking, climbing mountains, fishing and many others. You will find the wildlife in Anchorage very interesting. The moose, the modestly sized brown bear, as well as the huge grizzly bear, can all be found roaming in the mountain areas and the national parks surrounding our city.

Come and explore the amazing Anchorage and allow us to provide you with a temporary home while you are here. If you have to stay longer, try our extended stay apartments. Call us today at (907) 346-1127 to make a reservation.